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Veranstaltungen: Workshops für Studierende, Di | 16.02. und Di | 23.02.2021, jeweils 10:30 bis 14:30 Uhr
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Im Rahmen des internationalen Kooperationsprojekts University of Universities finden Workshops zum Thema Internationalization of Teaching Architecture statt. Sie sind offen für Studierende aller beteiligten Akademien.


Workshop von Prof. Senta Connert und Katja Bonnländer (Bildnerisches Gestalten und Therapie):

Places of Remembrance – A practical experiment to reconstruct memories through developing a city map

People who suffer from dementia, for example Alzheimer's, suffer from memory loss. Events that occurred long ago, but which can be emotionally significant for us, often lie in childhood. But in what ways can we bring back to life emotionally significant memories for our present life or for the development of new designs for ourselves and for being recognized as a person instead of a patient? How can a world and an architecture for persons who suffer from dementia look like - so that their live can be a personal live?


The aim of the workshop is to come in contact with our memories and to build a map and to tell about the experience after. The students investigate whether and which memories are brought to life with this method. They observe whether details become more and more detailed, whether there are special smells and colors, surface textures, haptic or acoustic memories. Whether long-forgotten people appear with whom they are perhaps connected by a special event or who have played an important role in their lives. As we sketch and model in ever greater detail, we investigate whether narratives emerge during this process and whether we want to share them with others.


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*The workshop will be held in English.