Zuzanna Czebatul | Ausstellung
Eröffnung: Fr | 31.03.2023 | 18:00 Uhr
Datum: Sa | 01.04.2023
Fr | 12.05.2023
Öffnungszeiten: nach Vereinbarung
Ort: ROSA STERN SPACE | Belgradstr. 76


Zuzanna Czebatul draws inspiration from the links between pop culture, individual freedom and social ideologies. She asks questions about power, its symbolic embodiment and how power relations structure our social reality. For Rosa Stern Space, the artist continues her series of gigantic ecstasy pills and creates a new inflatable work especially designed for the show. This hyperrealistic sculpture functions as a monumental dialectic figure to rave culture, related to the acceleration of drug consumption alongside the elimination of societal taboos around it.
One World One Future: It was all supposed to be affirmative and merging – an everlasting rave. But the pharmapornographic age is characterized by violence, exploitation and socio-economic imbalances. An anticipated state became a collective failure, unfulfilled promises and global crises resulted in a worldwide error.


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