Naho Matsuda | Art Activism / digital & public art
Öffnungszeiten: rund um die Uhr einsehbar
Ort: Öffentlicher Raum | London, Liverpool, Rochdale | Großbritannien


SOW, a giant female pig that lives in the digital realm and appears in Augmented Reality (AR) through your smartphone in specific locations linked to pork production in the industrial food system across England. Taking the form of a digital sculpture, SOW is a symbol of protest and resistance and you can only see her through your phone’s camera superimposed onto your environment. Similar to the industrial meat industry, SOW is only visible if you choose to look…


SOW has been created by the artist Naho Matsuda and the collective A Drift of Us, supported by Greenpeace UK as part of the NGO’s Bad Taste project.

Download SOW AR App for free on Apple Store or Google Play.


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