Erschienen: 2022


The diploma followed by the exhibition of the final art works us ually concludes each winter semester at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. However, the Corona pandemic is also forcing universities to teach flexibly, in so-called flexi-semesters. Students have the choice of whether to credit them and take exams or not. In 2021, the Munich Art Academy therefore offered its graduates in Fine Arts two dates for their final exams. The diploma examination 2021.1 took place on 23 March 2021. The final works of the 21 diploma students could not be shown in an exhibition. Then, in the summer semester, the diploma 2021.2 took place and 32 diploma students could present their works parallel to the annual exhibition from 17-25 July 2021 in the old building of the Academy.


This catalogue is a novelty in the history of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. It contains the works of both the diploma 2021.1 and 2021.2. In addition to presenting the diploma works online, it was printed with the intention of showing the public what great works of art they have missed out on due to the lockdown. It is to be hoped that this catalogue was an exception – at least as far as its substitute function is concerned– and that it will be possible again to experience the artistic works of our graduates live again in the future.


Gefördert vom Akademieverein München e.V.

Seiten: 230
Grafik: Tobias Manuel Schulz
ISBN: 978-3-932934-48-3
Preis: 5 Euro (Schutzgebühr)
Übersetzung: Paul Adie | Fotos (wenn nicht anders angegeben): David Czobel