Vortrag von Esther Hovers
Datum & Uhrzeit: Mi | 23.01.2019 | 20:00 Uhr


In her practice, Esther Hovers investigates how power, politics and control are exercised through urban planning and the use of public space. She was trained as a photographer but creates installations in which photographs, drawings, text and film play an equal part. She is interested in finding poetic translations for power structures and technological developments.
Esther Hovers has exhibited at GEM, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague; Lianzhou Foto Festival in China; and the National Gallery in Prague, et al. Her work has been published in The New York Times; The Washington Post; M – Le Magazine du Monde and Wired, among other publications.
Hovers was the recipient of the Edward Steichen Award in 2017 for which she was a recent artist-in-residence at ISCP in Brooklyn, NY.