Prof. Nils Norman


künstlerischer Mitarbeiter

Justin Lieberman


AO2.28 und AO2.14
A.O1.06 und A.O1.07, Akademiestr. 2

Tel: +49 / 89 / 38 52 -164 /218

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Klasse Norman is a class lead by Professor Nils Norman and co-worker Justin Lieberman.

Both Norman and Lieberman are practicing artists with more than 30 years of teaching experience between them.

The class is structured around a series of Monday Class Week presentations by students of the class and guests invited from around the world via zoom or in person.
The guests are invited to present their work in relationship to a topic that the class is investigating. For example Winter Semester 2022 the topic has been:
Artistic Research: what is it, how is it done and how is it used. The Monday Class meetings are open and everyone is welcome to attend.

Each semester’s general discussion topic and its related guest speakers are generated from discussions that form over the previous semester.

Tuesdays of the Class Week are dedicated to meetings of small support groups. These include the First Year Group, the Graduation Group and the Kleinewand Exam Group.
These meetings help students to prepare for upcoming exams; act as discussion forums; enable information sharing and prepare new students for what is required of them in their first year at school.
The Graduation Group also shares ideas for their theses and graduation exams.

Wednesdays of the Class Week are dedicated to one to one studio visits where students can sign up with Nils and Justin for one to one meetings.
The Garden Group also meets on this day to tend the garden.

Students are encouraged to organise and lead their own interest led workshops.

The class works closely with the local organisation Bellevue di Monaco to open a gateway into the Academy for refugees and asylum seekers.

The class operates a forest garden on campus that consists of fruit trees and bushes; perennial vegetables; vermiculture; dry composting; and dead hedge composting.
Each year a mushroom growing course is given to new students.

The class develops various study strips and excursions over the course of the year.

Class Website: (under construction)
Nils Norman’s website: www.dismalgarden.com
Justin Lieberman’s website: www.justinlieberman.org