Projektklasse des Künstlers Tyler Coburn

Jahresthema „Die Gegenwart der Zukunft”

Sommersemester 2015


A Lasso, A Loop: Travels in Counternormative Time

Room A.UG.24, Akademiestr. 2

Time 19.05.–21.05.2015 and 22.06.–03.07.2015 (all-day)
Teaching language: English


We commonly describe time as moving in one direction, and all around us, we seem to find proof of this claim.  Our backs bend with age, while our buildings climb higher; we are told that the future will be utterly different than the past. And though we know that these are different temporalities (even as capitalism colonizes biological time), it’s easy to let the one legitimate the other. If the human dies forwards, so too must everything else. This course will survey challenges to chrononormativity from aesthetic, artistic, scientific and philosophical positions. Chrononormativity here denotes the supposedly objective, absolute and unidirectional properties of time, and the way those properties can be made to privilege certain historical narratives over others. In response, we will imagine counternormative time as allowing for a radically different orientation to the past, present and future—and experiment with the different roles that artistic practice can play in the production of new imaginaries. Over our sessions, we will unpack counternormative time in terms of recent queer theory, as well as in its applicability to historical writings on relativity, time travel, and the many other paradoxes of time. Beyond readings and films, class time will include extensive critiques and sessions in technical workshops, allowing students to explore the course topics through different material processes.


Der Künstler und Autor Tyler Coburn lebt und arbeitet in New York. Er hat einen Bachelor in Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaften von der Yale University und einen Master of Fine Arts von der University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Coburns Texte sind unter anderem in frieze, e-flux journal, Mousse, Art-Agenda und Rhizome erschienen. Seine Performances, Installationen und Arbeiten mit Sound waren bereits im Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, der South London Gallery, im Kunstverein Munich im CCA Glasgow, bei Objectif Exhibitions in Antwerpen, im CAC in Vilnius im LAXART, Los Angeles und im SculptureCenter, New York zu sehen.