Research Assistant for Design and Architecture Theory at the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies


A.O2.47, Akademiestr. 4

Tel: +49 / 89 / 38 52 -238


Karianne Fogelberg has been research fellow for design and architecture theory at the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich since 2012. In her work, she researches the current expansion of the notion of design, taking into account current theoretical debates including those from social sciences and political theory, and conceives events on the subject, such as the format Undesign which takes the critical potential of design as point of departure (together with Sarah Dorkenwald). Her contributions have appeared internationally in design magazines, amongst others in étapes and Frame, as well as in academic publications such as The Present of the Future (Eds. Susanne Witzgall, Kerstin Stakemeier, diaphanes, 2017). Until 2007 she worked as editor of the periodical form. Fogelberg has a BA in European Studies from King’s College London and the London School of Economics, as well as an MA in History of Design and Material Culture from the Royal College of Art / Victoria & Albert Museum in London.