Senior Lecturer for transdisciplinary Studies

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Susanne Witzgall has been the Academic Head of the BMBF-funded cx centre for interdisciplinary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich since 2011. She studied art history, theatre studies, psychology and art pedagogy at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and the University of Stuttgart, where she received her doctorate in 2001. From 2003 to 2011, she taught at the Department of Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and in the summer term of 2013 as guest lecturer at Newcastle University. Furthermore, she worked as a freelance curator and from 1995 to 2002 as a curator at the Deutsches Museum Bonn and the Deutsches Museum München. Amongst other things, she is curator or co-curator of the following exhibitions: Art & Brain II (1997/1998), Das zweite Gesicht/The Other Face (2002), Say it isn’t so (2007), (Re)designing nature (2010/2011), as well as the author and editor of numerous books and essays on contemporary art, on the relationship between art and science, and on subjects of current interdisciplinary debates. Since autumn 2018 she has been supervisor of the Junge Akademie of the Technical University Munich and since 2019 member of the International Advisory Board des Willem de Kooning Academy Research Center Rotterdam and advisory board member of the Institute of Modern Art Nuremberg.


Publications (monographs and edited volumes only):


Human after Man (co-edited with Marietta Kesting), Zurich: diaphanes 2022


Politik der Emotionen/Macht der Affekte (co-edited with Marietta Kesting), Zurich: diaphanes 2021; published in Englisch as Politic of Emotion/Power of Affect, Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes 2021


Hybride Ökologien (co-edited with Maria Muhle, Marietta Kesting, Jenny Nachtigall), Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2019; published in English as Hybrid Ecologies Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2020

Reale Magie, Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes 2017; published in English as Real Magic, e-book, Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2018


Die Gegenwart der Zukunft (co-edited with Kerstin Stakemeier), Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes 2016; published in English as The Present of The Future, Zurich, Berlin, Chicago: diaphanes/University of Chicago Press, 2017


Fragile Identitäten (co-edited with Kerstin Stakemeier), Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2015; published in English as Fragile Identities, e-book, Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2016


Macht des Materials / Politik der Materialität (co-edited with Kerstin Stakemeier), Zürich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2014; published in English as Power of Material / Politics of Materiality, e-book, Zurich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2014


New Mobilities Regimes in Art and Social Sciences (co-edited with Sven Kessel­ring and Gerlinde Vogl), Farn­heim, Surrey: Ashgate, 2013


Medienrelationen – von Film und Videokunst bis Internet (co-edited with Cornelia Go­ckel), Munich: kopaed, 2011


(re)designing nature. Aktuelle Positionen der Naturgestaltung in Kunst und Landschaftsar­chitektur (co-edited with Florian Matzner and Iris Meder), exhib. cat. Künstlerhaus Wien, Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2010


Say it isn't so. Naturwissenschaften im Visier der Kunst (co-edited with Peter Friese and Guido Boulboullée), exhib. cat. Neues Museum We­serburg Bremen, Heidelberg: Kehrer, 2007


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