Anja Lekavski, Rosanna Marie Pondorf | Ausstellung
Datum: 2023-07-04
Öffnungszeiten: nach Vereinbarung
Ort: Belgradstr. 76 | München


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Belgradstr. 76 | Munich | ring at „STUDIO“




A duo show with Anja Lekavski and Rosanna Marie Pondorf which marks the fifth chapter of our ongoing program AFTER ALL ENDS: NO NEW BEGINNINGS.


The interplay between opposing forces such as fabric and marble, anime and pornography, reflects the complex relationship between concepts of hardness and softness, and the blurred boundaries of censorship, power, and sexual self-expression in the digital age. Physical forms in the digital realm are obscured by manipulation and representation.



This project is funded by „Sonderförderprogramm NEUSTARTplus Plattformen der bildenden Kunst“ der Stiftung Kunstfonds.