Maya Tounta | Vortrag
Eröffnung: 2023-12-15 18:00
Ort: Online,ösl
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Maya Tounta, is a curator and writer based in Athens. She is the director of AKWA IBOM, an exhibition space she co-founded with artist Otobong Nkanga in 2019.

AKWA IBOM is a non-profit exhibition space (est. 2019) conceived in the logic of a book, wanting to explore the extended lifespan of exhibitions by focusing on alternative methods of photographic documentation and mediation through text.With regard to the challenges opacity and format place on translation, Akwa Ibom is interested in shows that bring together works from disparate disciplines, geographical and historical contexts to reveal shared sensibilities and forge new narratives.

Recent shows at AKWA IBOM include "Store in a Cool Place” an exhibition on the work of Greek artist Christos Tzivelos, and solo exhibitions by Jason Dodge and Marina Xenofontos.


The event is part of an online lecture series of the class Florian Pumhösl, co-organised by Simon Lässig and Vera Lutz.
The series aims to look at Athens as a model for how collaborations between artists, galleries and artist-run spaces can generate their very own institutional infrastructure and dicourse.

The event is open to the public, will be held in English and can be accessed through the following link.