Joana Albuquerque, Patrik Graf | Ausstellung
Eröffnung: 2024-02-24 17:00
Datum: 2024-02-25
Öffnungszeiten: nach Vereinbarung
Ort: Salon Maudite | Adalbertstr. 25


"We don't chew ourselves, but in this case we do. Thus breaking down the hierarchy between human and non-human.
The process of constant change is evident in the daily act of eating, through the breaking down, splitting and transformation of food in the human body.
Starting from this act of eating and chewing, the barriers between human/ technology, and nature/culture merge. Apparent concrete bodies, objects and eating habits dissolve and thus challenge the moment of constructed boundaries. AI animated 3D scans and transformed everyday objects research on the fragility of these established structures. They invite us to chew on them.“