Eröffnung: 2019-07-19 18:00
Datum: 2019-07-20
Finissage: 2019-07-27 19:00

„Wohl dem, der, wann der irdische Boden untreu unter seinen Füßen wankt, mit heitern Sinnen auf luftige Höhen sich retten kann.”Adaption nach Dorschel

täglich 18:00 Uhr | Performance-Fragmente

“Only the contest appeals to us, not the victory.
We like to watch animals fighting, but not the victor falling upon the vanquished. What did we want to see but the final victory? And once it has happened we have had enough. It is the same with gaming, with the pursuit of truth. We like to see the clash of opinions in debate, but do we want to contemplate the truth once it is found? Not at all. If we are to enjoy it, we must see it arising from the debate. 

It is the same with passions; there is some pleasure in seeing the collision of two opposites, but when one asserts its mastery it becomes mere brutality.
We never go after things in themselves, but the pursuit of things. Thus in the theatre scenes of unclouded happiness are no good, any more than extreme and hopeless misery, or brutal love affairs, or harsh cruelty.”