Ausstellung von Laura Ziegler und Samuel Ferstl in der AkademieGalerie

Eröffnung DI 27.10.15 | 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellung 28.10. - 03.11.15

Öffnungszeiten täglich 11:00 - 18:00 Uhr


mit Juno Meinecke, Viola Relle und Raphael Weilguni


sorry about what happened linsay, that's all more reason why we stay in the house. I tell you, I love to stay in the house. I like to stay in the house with the windows open and watch the world go by, but being in the house is the best cause you're just safe from everything. you know and that's also one of the problems with goin places ..where..they… you have to sleep in a moskito-net. you know and and it's not that the brochures hide that from you. bring the moskito-repalet, if you dont have any, we have it here at the gift-shops ahh u know make sure that you prepare to wear a moskitonet. in other words, there's a moskito-problem. there's one more place on the face of the earth that I would love to have been born that I will not be going: Bora Bora. I mean honestly you know. you know I like to see other places but I like to see them from the safety of my house. I can look on the computer and just see how beautiful everything is you know it's weirdly a shame between moskitos tee-tse-flies, man in chaidoors, terrorists, airport ridiculousness and hotel chamber mates that steal your stuff. It really just makes wanna stay in jersey.
so having a camera around all the time is like we dont really see that anymore i feel like
we're so used to it i mean we have that for ten years everyday i think
i don't know i feel like in the beginning maybe when we just started and we had someone following us it was a lil weird and you know sometimes you would be a lil careful oh the camera is running we cant say this or we cant do that but like i feel like really quick we got so used to it that we didnt even pay attention to that anymore and that was the whole idea I mean cause we didn'T want to be any different
i think the fans know eh know who we are and what we do
and and so we're not afraid to show anything
we wanna show the people eh u know whats happenin in our life in this moment
so for me it'S the same thing like if i like an artist I wanna know like i wanna get to know him or the band or i wanna see wat's goin on who are these people what is the band really about
hows the energy within the band u know how do we interact with each other
a lot of interviews and stuff that u do and TVshows you don't get really get to know the person you don't really know whats goin on you dont know them that well
we wanna make it personal thats why we dont script anything thats why we have a cameraguy we trust and thats why u know its our own show like we dont have to be concerned that someones making something stupid out of it thats why you can be so relaxed
all i know now is that is that ah that the girl is guess still a practicing videovixen by night but she's in---well you know that gets oldy after a while and how many times can you pop that thing before age catches up to you (chearing) I'm just saying there's a shelf life to videovixing, so and by day she's a nurse. (ohhh …laughing) she's helping people. anyway so ahm now the videovixen is living with some sort of boyfriend and she's not with the husband anymore and she and chris have agreed to co-parent, well apparently chris took the dna test it was found out that he actually is the father (woooh)the ah  listen so apparently he had been alledgedly hiding this baby from his girlfriend who now broke up with him kuruchi trin (huuuuuuu)

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