Chiara Cibin | Edge, borders, boundaries
Datum & Uhrzeit: 2023-05-03 19:30
Ort: Akademie der Bildenden Künste München | Akademiestr. 2
Raum: Altbau | Historische Aula


The human being is very sensitive to inhabit, to feel protected in its hut, from that ancestral needs Humans developed their technological knowledge about different quality of walls, which, at the beginning, were simple structures that surrounded the space.

Are all the different quality of walls, from stone walls to ephemeral membrane, the only way to determine the human scale space?
How an object in the middle of “a space” shapes it with its presence?
The living spaces are easily defined by the tectonic elements of which they are made.
How is the physical edge of an object, an architectural space, or a piece of art involved in defining their quality?


The lecture will be held in English.