Salon der Gegenwart,  Hamburg, 4. - 6. November 2022,

Aus dem Kreis der Alumnae*i u. A.: Maximiliane Baumgartner, Julia Emslander, Annemarie Faupel, Jonah Gebka, Michael Sailstorfer


Jonah Gebka, Blue Light, 21.10 - 26.11.2022, Eröffnung: 20.10, 18.00 Uhr, Boutwell Schabrowsky, München,


Youth Hostel curated by Kathy Battista, marytwo, Lucerne (Schweiz), 07.10. - 12.11.22,

Aus dem Kreis der Alumnae*i: Kristina Schmidt


DenkMalKrieg, Ausstellung im Kunstpavillon Alter Botanischer Garten, München, 27.10. - 24.11.2022, Eröffnung: 27.10., 18.30 Uhr,

Aus dem Kreis der Alumnae*i: Wolfram Kastner, Marta Fischer


Malerische Positionen der Klasse Sauerbruch. Eine künstlerische und pädagogische Botschaft lebt weiter, Galerie Villa Maria, Rosenheim, 6.11. - 18.12.2022,



Survey: Artists at the AdBK – Gender Issues


The archive of the academy conducts a survey on gender issues at the academy today and in its history.

Since last year, there are more women than men in the academy's professorial staff. Looking at the body of students, about two-thirds are female. At the beginning of the 1990s, the number of enrolled women was still at 50%, and there were only a few women among the professors. This raises the question of how the overall perception of gender in general has changed for artists at the academy in the face of this change. 


The survey is now closed and we are now working on the evaluation. You will find information on the results here soon!


Thanks to

We thank everyone for the great interest and active participation. We would also like to thank Kathrina Rudolph, who as alumna of the Academy helped to initiate and implement the project. We would also like to thank other interested parties for their consultations in the run-up to the project. Finally, special thanks go to the Presidium for their financial support of the project.





The network at the Academy of Fine Arts

Beginning in the spring of 2020 a fresh new breeze is roaming through the mystical depths of the data sets, which document all those interesting happenings and complex personalities here at our academy.

In the very close future a sustainable network system will be woven- which will allow former students, alumni, professors and friends of the institution to connect and exchange information. The goal is the encouragement of inspiring exchange- which will allow collaborations and several possibilities to evaluate. Through various events, workshops and lectures everything is imaginable: The traditional bavarian white sausage breakfast could be the event of choice- or an interview with a well- known curator! Also, the scientific and artistic examination within the interesting and unique history of the Munich Art Academy will be encouraged: Between Germanys National Socialism past, various student protests and the friction with traditionalism, globalisation on the one hand and digitalisation on the other, the varying position of the artist as such is being focused.





Steadily it will reach you every third month: THE BRAND NEW ALUMNI- NEWSLETTER!

Many interesting facts will keep you up to date: 

  • News about the Academy of Fine Arts (new professors, new classes, etc.)
  • Multiplexed reading material concerning the artistic practice of the academies alumni
  • We publish projects of our Alumni, please send us in advance information (picture and short note) on your projects (always until 15.3., 15.6., 15.9., 15.12)

If you’re interested just send us an e- mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or REGISTER YOUSELF FOR OUR NEWSLETTER.



Contact persons

Prof. Matthias Wähner, professor for art education (2004-2019), chairman
Dr. Caroline Sternberg, archive management
Sarah John, alumni assistant

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