In the winter semester 2023/24, ALUMNI ADBK is cooperating with MUNICH NETWORK. Every wednesday evening at 5:30 pm, there will be events on different topics, that offer a space for sharing insight on the subject, as well as networking within the munich art scene. Apart from that, there will be a workshop, as usual. This semester, the topic is "Sound and Publishing", held by Kalas Liebfried. There will also be a guided tour trough the exhibition "Apfelflug vom Stamm" in the Galerie der Künstler*innen. Information about the entire program can be found down below. 


Our online-publication "Künstler*innen an der AdBK - Eine Materialsammlung zum Thema Genderfragen" is now available online. Thank you to everyone that took part in this project, so that these important and often intimate contents are now accessible! READ PUBLICATION HERE

The alumni-network at the Academy of Fine Arts

The goal of Alumni AdBK is to encourage the exchange of inspirations, collaborations and possibilities. Through various events, workshops and lectures, current students, Alumni and those interested in the Academy can get into conversation with each other. The scientific and artistic examination within the interesting and unique history of the Munich Art Academy is also of importance: Between Germanys National Socialism past, various student protests and the friction with traditionalism, globalisation on the one hand and digitalisation on the other, the varying position of the artist as such is being focused. Our newsletter, which we send out tri-monthly, will inform you about this. Students, Alumni and Interested are welcome to sign up for the Newsletter HERE.


In the winter semester 2023/24 we're hosting the event series MUNICH NETWORK, every wednesday from 5:30 pm to all current and former Academy students. The goal is to share perspectives and possibilities outside of the Academy, as well as to offer a space for networking within the Munich art scene. The program is not yet finished, more infos are following soon!


Vortragsreihe "Munich Network" von Florian Matzner und Caroline Sternberg (Wir arbeiten am Programm und melden uns dazu mit genauen Infos.)
Termin: Mittwoch, 17:30 bis 20:00
Ort: Auditorium, Neubau Erdgeschoss, Akademiestr. 4, 88799 München (außer 25.10. Vortragsraum, 1. OG, Neubau)


Just like in previous semesters, there will be a workshop for current and former AdBK students to connect and share their experiences. This semester, Kalas Liebfried is our guest, with the topic "Sound and Publishing". As always, there will also be guided tours, more infos below.


Workshop, "Sound and Publishing" mit Kalas Liebfried
Termin: 7.12., 10:00-13:00
Anmeldung per Email bis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Führung durch die Ausstellung "Apfelflug vom Stamm" mit der Künstlerin und Kuratorin Cora Piantoni
Termin: 11.11., 13:30 im Anschluss 15:00 Künstler*innengespräch
Anmeldung bis 8.11. an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Weitere Infos HIER


We want to thank the Presidium of the Academy for the support of this event series.


In winter 2021/22, the archive of the academy conducted a survey on gender issues at the academy today and in history.
If you look at the student body, around two thirds of the students are female today, and the gender distribution between professors is now more or less equal. At the beginning of the 1990s, the number of women enrolled was still 50%, and there were only singulary female professors. The question therefore arises as to how the perception of gender has changed overall for artists at the academy in the face of these developments. Information on the results with updated personnel and student statistics can be found here in close future!


Prof. Matthias Wähner, professor for art education (2004-2019), chairman
Dr. Caroline Sternberg, archive management
Isidora Stajic, alumni assistant

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Akademiestr. 2
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