It’s hard to think outside the box when you can see around corners.


Parking Garage under the new AdBK Munich building (1)
3-channel audio installation
(12:40 min)
Cars, smartphones, power banks, router, car battery, software
Voice overs: Elliot Hardman, Gwendolyn Rooker, Jessica Marie Fisher
Audio production: Adrian Sölch


Classroom of the class Olaf Nicolai (A.EG.04) of the AdBK Munich (2)
Audio installation
6 car horns, car battery, micro computer, relais, software



Several parked cars in the parking garage under AdBK Munich’s Neubau are involved in a dialogue. The work is accompanied by a second audio installation in the distant classroom – consisting of six individual leftover car horns activating themselves randomly for random time intervals – just so audible from the parking garage through the open windows of the classroom.

A super-poster-publication about the future of cars or men in the context of men or cars, freedom and socio-economic entanglements within uber important technology driven Germany-promoting sectors you can order against postage at hello[at]
(the back page contains secret Google technologies, Christian Lindner’s hobbies and Paris through the eyes of a Tesla)