Klasse Schirin Kretschmann  |  Raum A.O1.14, Altbau

A seed on the treeless mountain

Signs of life, that of animals including humans, stand out in a cold and barren environments. Like a black cow walking through a white snow field. The black cow slowly makes its footprints. In cold regions, both cows and people diligently search for food to warm their bodies. Smoke rising at dawn on a treeless mountain catches the eyes of passers-by. Intentional or artificial actions leaves a consequential imprint.

There are circles of life among the living beings on both ends of the climate spectrum—whether it’s hot and cold. In desolate, scarcely populated regions, the interconnected web of life and energy among human, cow, barley and bird becomes even more evident. A barley seed in snow is waiting when spring is coming In one small town of remoted mountain.
Within the natural cycles, humans engage in activities beyond mere survival and existence—our hearts grow hot and cold. As Raymond Chandler once said, "Dead men are heavier tha n broken hearts”. The states of a person's mind and his/her survival are intertwined. I think there are moments where these intricate entanglements crystallize in one of the barren and lifeless places on earth. I want my work to meet the moment where such interconnectivity becomes clear and leave its mark.