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In February 2023 I will graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, with a final, closing, Diploma work and show. For this work I would like to ask you for an exchange or a cooperation. I am asking you for a small physical fragment of an art work made by you and offer in return a unique piece of a digital edition created with all 360 individual pieces.

I want to negotiate an aspect which I call, physical networking alongside the topic of collecting in general and the hierarchy in the art world, but also the topics of authorship and relations between digital and material work.

Maybe this work will also be able of showing dynamics in the contemporary aesthetically discourse. Since I admire your work a lot, I would like to ask you whether you would be interested in supporting my di- ploma. It would be a great honor for me. There are two main parts of this work. The material part will be orientated the concept of insect collections, one of the most classic and at the same time absurd manifestations of the human urge to preserve and hoard objects, I collect material fragments of works by a total of 360 artists.


The requirements for the Fragments are:
1. The Piece should be 10x10cm maximum and in case of depth max 1cm.
2. The Material cant be organic ephemeral, molding or decomposing in any way
3. It should explicitly be an excerpt, detail or fragment of an artwork and not a single work itself. It can also be a detail of a Work, of which the rest ofd it only exists in the artists mind, in case it will be manufactured for itself.
4. What the artist provides to me is up to him or her, I am happy if it represents the artistic practice in a way, but its not absolute necessary.
5. It should somehow still be possible to be pinned with needles.

As long as those criteria are met, no further selection takes place on my half.
The single pieces will then be sorted and arranged chronological by the time I receive them, photographed and pin them in a triptych of three drawers.
There will be a big thanks saying with an alphabetical list of all participating artists, but no direct link or le- gend to the artists name within the drawer.
For the second part of the work I will train a machine learning system with the set of photos of the fragments and generate kind of digital collages in an individual edition of 360. Those digital works will be send to all participating artists by me as my part of the trade.

The work should be, at least within this small frames, free of success and names, excerpts from living esta- blished artists, art students, „hobbyartists“ and "outsider" positions, and if it works out also artists that have to deal with disability, and treated equal.
I will transfer the digital work to you on the opening date of the diploma show next year.

The fragments can be shipped or send by post, ideally before 31.12.2022


Florian Kuhn

Of course I will come up for shipping costs etc.
The Work will be shown at the academy of fine arts in February 2023, a personal invitation to the show and maybe also to a party will follow on time. The digital works will be sent to everyone after the opening of the exhibition.

Thank you already, Im looking forward hearing from you. Best Florian Kuhn

If you have questions, feedback or critique, don't hesitate to contact me.

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