Debütant*innenförderung 2023
Klasse Alexandra Bircken  |  Raum Präsidiumsterrasse Neubau, 2. OG  |


Free The Bone From The Flesh

How do you represent the body as a process without making a figurative artwork? Kay Yoon’s Free the Bone from the Flesh (2023) presents this in the form of a conceptual installation for the Diplomausstellung at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich. Her graduate artwork reframes the body’s functional ideals and operative failures as a continuous process that occurs between a body’s birth and death. There will be reading performances that ritualize the site-specific installation’s transience while also challenging how language and speaking represent both the functionality and inadequacy of bodies to the subjects that seek control over them.


Free the Bone from the Flesh emphasises the processes occurring between dualistic states through the installation’s use of organic materials like meat and wine which become the conceptual vehicle to examine Yoon’s existential ideas about the depiction of process. Within the installation’s speculative framework, by freeing bone from flesh, existence is continuous – even in endings as final as death. This simultaneously destructive and creative process therefore reveals that an ending is also a beginning.


Performance: Saturday | 11.02. & Tuesday | 14.02. | 5pm