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We are at the front of development. Through mobile phones, the Internet and the latest AI technology, knowledge and creativity are used efficiently and effectively. People feel that they have never been smarter. With the help of ever smarter language models like Chatgpt or Gemini and other AI tools, everyone seems to have wisdom and is busy accepting new things, pursuing success and fame. As for what success is and how to succeed, fixed concepts and patterns have been formed, which are quickly copied and pasted; new social media influencers are all around us. However, this influx of technology does not seem to really help us think deeply about ourselves. The series "MournMe" freezes the success, it invites the audience to think about the meaning of life’s success in the context of advanced technology. The work uses common symbols from modern technology products and commends them in the form of influencer medals.

New technological products allow us to approach so-called success faster and more easily, but at the same time our glory is quickly and ruthlessly abandoned in the torrent of the times. We are being forgotten faster and faster, even before we leave. However, people long to be remembered at every stage of human development, we are always afraid to be forgotten. Therefore, the pursuit of success becomes a way for us to prove the existence of life. This does not help us understand ourselves better and does not lead to a freer and happier life. Tens of thousands of likes, forwards, saves. Countless searches, connections, and uploads. But in the end nothing has been made when the screen shuts. Each living body seems to have no real life, just hastily walking along this road of technology, leaving behind merely a piece of dust. I am not sure if our golden success is a cloud of dust.


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