Klasse Alexandra Pirici  |  Raum Balkon Neubau

“Block for Night”, “a nomad stone that disappears at sunrise and reappears at sunset”. The times at which the sun rises and sets are written on the concrete floor near the place of appearance and disappearance. The stone is a block of marble cut by Sophia in the shape drawn by Michelangelo Buonarotti for an order of raw marble blocks meant to become the figures Night, Day, Dusk and Dawn in the Medici chapel in Florence. Nevertheless, she did not intervene on it further, refusing to mould it into som ething different, and made it literally “for night”. As such, the block travels to the balcony of the Academy building to only offer itself to view after sunset, and then travels back, disappearing during the day, or rather appearing now in the visitors imagination through the text/its story that mobilizes its virtual presence.