Klasse Nicole Wermers  |  Raum A.O2.33


The exhibition Maximum Bearing Capacity consists of a series of drawings made of charcoal and pastel on paper. The content of these drawings is inspired by various female figures and everyday objects from different chronological and cultural contexts, which together form a vast group portrait.

Women’s transformation is taking place everywhere: in children's books, workplaces, museums, and the subtleties of daily life. It is happening in all its psychological, physical, and social manifestations. A woman can take on any form, including of a monster, a goddess, a witch, a housewife, a mother, a teenager, a newborn, or even an everyday object, such as a brick, a gravestone, a hair, a needle, and a column. The vertical arrangement of all this imagery serves as a monument to a history that endures across time, but also as a monument of an important yet still underappreciated pillar of society.

It also seeks to reclaim verticality from maleness — as seen by the myriad of monuments, institutions, and buildings “erected”, mostly by men and increasingly phallic in shape, throughout the history of civilization in the name of empire and capitalism — and re-position it on feminist terms.