Valerie Nora Christiansen, Umfassungen, 2013; Paul Kotter, Gipsking, 2013; Uli Ball, Gussteile, 2013; Matthias Numberger, Sender-Empfänger, 2013 (Foto: Uli Ball)Jelena Mijic, Luka, 2014 (multiple) Paola Alvorado, Buchstaben des Lebens, 2014 (mehrteilig)Projektklasse Max Lamb, 2013 (Photo: Sally Kotter)Sophie Kindermann, weg, 2014 (multiple)Verena Hägler, Storyboard (Frank M.), 2014 (multiple)Projektklasse Max Lamb (Photo: Sally Kotter)Matthias Trager, Untitled, 2013Projektklasse BaghramianProjektklasse Manfred Pernice, Trüllerwanne, 2013 (Photo: Georgias Koumanidis)Projektklasse Lamb - Valerie Nora ChristiansenValerie Nora Christiansen, Untitled, 2013 (Foto: Sally Kotter)Projektklasse ZielonySimon Kettenberger, Untitled, 2013Projektklasse Max Lamb (Photo: Sally Kotter)Lilian Robl, Sophia, 2014 (Videostill)Katharina Zink/Mira Sattelberger, Der Rubel rollt, 2014Projektklasse ZielonyProjektklasse ZielonyProjektklasse ZielonyProjektklasse Zielony





Every year, the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies offers classes and interdisciplinary courses in theory and practical project work on a different topic. These offers are available to all AdBK students.


All courses are designed to reach across classes and departments and to closely tie together theory and practical project work.


More information about the cx and the annual theme.
In May and June 2018 the cx will host a workshop by Peng! collective.


Dr. Susanne Witzgall | academic director
Prof. Dr. Marietta Kesting | junior professor for media theory
Karianne Fogelberg, M.A. | research assistant for design and architecture theory

(on parental leave until September 2018)

Tanja Seiner, Dipl. Des. | research assistant for design and architecture theory (substitute for Karianne Fogelberg)

Lucie Vyhnálková | student assistant

Sandra Hasenöder | student assistant


Current Guest Professors 

Prof. Cécile B. Evans


Former Guest Professors

Prof. Nairy Baghramian

Prof. Melanie Bonajo

Prof. Tyler Coburn

Prof. Mariechen Danz

Prof. Claire Denis

Prof. Isabelle Fremeaux and Prof. John Jordan (Labofii)
Prof. Max Lamb

Prof. Manfred Pernice

Prof. Nora Schultz

Prof. Simon Starling

Prof. Tobias Zielony



Peng! Collective

Annual Themes

Politics of Emotion/Power of Affect

Winter term 2017/18


Hybrid Ecologies

Winter term 2016/17 and summer term 2017


Real Magic

Winter term 2015/16 and summer term 2016


The Present of the Future

Winter term 2014/15 and summer term 2015


Fragile Identities

Winter term 2013/14 and summer term 2014


The Power of Material/The Politics of Materiality

Summer term 2012 until summer term 2013




This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the grant number 01PL16023. The author is solely responsible for the contents of this publication.