The publications of the cx document the central contributions and discussions to the attendant lecture series and the research results of the academic staff at the cx as well as selected artistic work by students from the project classes in relation to the respective annual theme. They appear in both German and English versions, the latter either as e-book or in book version. For further study please refer to the publication (diaphanes 2018, English version forthcoming).




The book Real Magic (German version 2018, English version forthcoming) investigates the current realities of magic and its rediscovery in the arts, the sciences and in everyday culture. The different contributions ask for the reasons for this newly found fascination with the occult, explore Western appearances and forms of magical practices, enquire into current potentials of magical knowledge in a world largely determined by economized instrumental reason, but also into the drawbacks of occultism. The publication is the result of the fourth annual theme of the cx.




The book The Present of the Future (forthcoming) investigates our present relation to the future and asks which means and strategies artists and scholars pursue today, to gain a new scope of action for shaping alternative futures. How do they create potentials for change and for the imagination of possible futures beyond modernistic idealisms and romanticist projections into remote times? The Present of the Future is the result of the third annual theme of the cx.




In contemporary discourses we encounter more and more “fragile identities,” in artistic works as well as in scientific theories, and those are today much less referring to a critique of the concept of identity, but much rather to the relationship those concepts of identity entertain with the overall precarious state of the subject in current social conditions that are characterized by political upheaval and change. The book Fragile Identities (2016) investigates among other things the chances and also the possible endangerments of such a fragile self and asks for the resurging urgency of a contemporary concept of subjectivity. The publication is  the result oft he second annual theme of the cx.




The book Power of Material / Politics of Materiality (2015) deepens the current discourse in the arts and sciences on the momentum and the agency of matter, material and things and, for the time, brings materialist tendencies within the arts, design and architecture into a direct dialogue with a range of scientific approaches from a "New Materialism“ within the humanities and social sciences. This publication is the result of the first annual programme at the cx.


The programme of the cx as well as the resulting publication series is funded from resources of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the frame of the joined Federal-State Program for Better Studying Conditions and More Quality in Teaching.