The cx course offerings are open to all students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Students of the free classes, who are specifically invited to participate, thus have the opportunity to obtain individual certificates (credits) or a certificate for interdisciplinary studies. These records of achievement can be used in the event of transfer to another degree programme or university or when applying to post-graduate programmes.

Certificate (total 22 credits/ECTS points)

After completion of all three study units of the programme, including both semesters, the student shall be issued a certificate for interdisciplinary studies. This requires attendance at the WS lecture series including the lecture-seminar, participation in one theoretical seminar of the student’s choice in winter or summer semester (incl. seminar project), and the practical project work. The latter can consist of attendance at two multi-day study programme workshops, or a project in the project classes of the guest professor or an academy professor. This course combination guarantees close integration of practical and theoretical teaching, greater acquisition of interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as reflection, exploration and analysis of the annual topic.

Individual certificates and credits

The interdisciplinary study programme also provides students with the opportunity to attend designated courses or course combinations and acquire proof of participation (credits).

Credits for the Fine Arts Diploma and the Art Education Degree can be earned. Appropriate courses are labelled with the corresponding module number.

The following credits can be acquired in the interdisciplinary study programme:

Fine Arts Diploma (SPO 04.10.2018)

Theory seminar or lecture in the foundation studies (FK-T2)
Theory seminar or lecture in art history in advanced level studies (FK-T3)
Theory seminar or lecture in philosophy and aesthetics in advanced level studies (FK-T4)


Art Education Degree

Exemplary art history (D.05.09)
Media theory (C.01.09) and media pedagogy (

Last but not least, the permanent teaching staff of the interdisciplinary study programme offers academic advice to all students and doctoral students with interdisciplinary focuses and research interests.

The interdisciplinary study programme is open to students from other universities in Germany and abroad insofar as a mutual cooperation agreement exists or can be concluded.