Panel The (Im)Mediacy of the Magical, Annual Theme 2015/16: Real Magic


Panel “The (Im)Mediacy of the Magical”, cx lecture series “Real Magic”
cx centre for interdisciplinary studies, Academy of Fine Arts Munich


Demdike Stare, the name under which Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty from Manchester make music, describe their sound art as a magical practice to conjure up images or moods evoking an apprehension of hidden layers of reality.


Demdike Stare is the name under which Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker make music since 2009 – music influenced by, among other things, occultism and spirituality, which opens up a sense of otherworldly mysteries and affords insights into the incomprehensible. Released under the Modern Love label – thus far including the four albums Symbiosis, Tryptych, Elemental, and Wonderland – their music has already been used as film score for a number of productions, among which the Kiss of the Damned (2012) and Joe (2013). Furthermore, the music duo from Manchester have performed internationally in numerous theatres, museums, art spaces and clubs, and with selected projects such as the live re-scoring of Häxan – Witchcraft through the ages, Benjamin Christensen’s witch film of 1922, commissioned by the British Film Institute, or the piece Concealed, a collaboration with the Cracow Sinfonietta and video artist Michael England for the Unsound Festival, of which a version was last performed in early 2015 at the Barbican Theatre in London.