Panel The (Im)materiality of Economy, Annual Theme 2012/13: Power of Material / Politics of Materiality



Panel “The (Im)materiality of Economy”, cx lecture series "Power of Material/Politics of Materiality”
cx centre for interdisciplinary studies, Academy of Fine Arts Munich


Costas Lapavitsas is Professor of Economy at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He works on the political economy of money and finance, on the Japanese economy, the history of economy and economic thought and on the contemporary world economy. He published several books and countless articles, amongst them Beyond Market-Driven Development (with M. Noguchi, Routledge, 2005), Financialisation in Crisis (Brill 2012), Crisis in the Eurozone (Verso, 2012). His latest book Profiting without Producing (Verso, 2013), discusses the financialisation of capitalism.