Annual Theme “Human After Man”
Summer term 2019


Work phase 1:  1–5 July 2019
Work phase 2:  14–20 October 2019
Work phase 3: 28 Oktober – 6 November 2019
Teaching language: English

keyon gaskin is this year’s cx guest professor and heads the project class of the annual theme “Human After Man”. The project class starts in summer semester 2019 with a first work phase in July, to be followed by two further work phases in October and November 2019.

The work of the American performance artist revolves, among other things, around the question, which effect power and hierarchies have on the human body and in which ways this power may be influenced by means of confrontation, negation, manipulating and play. Racist and gender-related power structures in the contemporary art system also enter into the analysis.

Some links to his work:

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Projectroom guest professor CX till 6. November 2019