Fragile Identities (2013/14)


Our identities are perpetually reinvented, (de)constructed, and narrated – yet they ultimately remain fragmentary and fragile. Specifically within our present age processes of identity formation are subjected to rapid changes and increasingly divergent challenges.


With its second yearly theme, the cx investigates the multifaceted and complex processes of identification we experience today from the perspective of different artistic and academic disciplines. A three-part symposium thematises fields and phenomena within which identities become fragile and unstable, and questions the limits of the pathological fragmentation of the self. Based on its conviction that identity issues play a significant role in reflecting their time, the cx investigates the fractures and adjacencies of contemporary identity construction with the intention of gaining insight into crises, periods of radical change, and the future potential of today’s world. The event is aimed at students and teachers at the academy, as well as the interested public.