Power of Material/Politics of Materiality (2012/13)


Room A.EG.15, Akademiestr. 2 or E.EG.28, Akademiestr. 4
Time 19.00 h


25.10.2012 New Materialisms

Diana Coole


06.11.2012 New Concepts of Matter

Harald Lesch

13.11.2012 Material Engagement

Sofia Hultén and Colin Renfrew

27.11.2012 The Ecology of Materials

Tim Ingold and Max Lamb 
11.12.2012 Material Reevaluations

Manfred Pernice
10.01.2013 The (Im)materiality of Economy

Anja Kirschner & David Panos and Costas Lapavitzas
15.01.2013 Material Translations

Cornelia Ortlieb 

22.01.2013 The Promise of Smart Materials

Thomas Schröpfer and Nicola Stattmann 

05.02.2013 From Historical Materialism to Speculative Realism
Diedrich Diederichsen