Annual theme "Power of Material/Politics of Materiality" 

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series (2012/13)



Material Translations
with Cornelia Ortlieb


Cornelia Ortlieb


Cornelia Ortlieb studied contemporary German Philology, Comparative Literature and Philosophy and since 2011 is a professor for Comparative Literature at the LMU in Munich. She has discussed issues related to questions of materials and materialities in the arts in several projects, most prominently in relation to the involvement of materials in the process of writing and several forms of paper work. Her latest publications on the material side of writing and on the theory of materiality include Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi und die Philosophie als Schreibart (2010), Jean Pauls Punktiermanier (2011), Schöpfen und Schreiben: Weimarer Papierarbeiten (2012), Papierflügel und Federpfau. Materialien des Liebeswerbens bei Stéphane Mallarmé (2013).