Annual theme "Power of Material/Politics of Materiality" 

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series (2012/13)



From Historical Materialism to Speculative Realism

with Diedrich Diederichsen


Diedrich Diederichsen (*1957 in Hamburg) has been working as an editor and publisher of music magazines in the 1980 and as a profes- sor a.o. in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Pasadena, Weimar, Vienna, St. Louis, Cologne, Los Angeles and Gainesville in the 1990s. Since 2006 he is Professor for Theory, Praxis and Mediation of Contemporary Art at the Institut für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Among his latest publications are the books Über Pop-Musik (2014), The Whole Earth – Kalifornien oder das Verschwinden des Außen (with Anselm Franke, 2013), The Sopranos (2012), Utopia of Sound (with Constanze Ruhm, 2010), On (Surplus) Value in Art (2008), Kritik des Auges – Texte zur Kunst (2008) and Eigenblutdoping – Selbstverwertung, Künstlerromantik, Partizipation (2008).