Nature Retreat

Nowadays, humans are more than ever disconnected from their environment. We only have to look around us to see that there is a fracture between nature and the human sphere. We no longer live within nature and we have less and less contact with it, even though we depend on it heavily in our daily lives.

Our environment, which has become more and more synthetic, has its origins in highly industrialized civilizations, marked by the predominance of technologies and urbanized societies. This evolution has unconsciously plunged us into a world more anxious and depressive than ever. Today’s stress is pushing individuals to follow a lifestyle that is pressed by the time, distancing them from the rhythms of nature and its beneficial effects.


And while cities become more and more surrounded by concrete and asphalt, the idea of reconnecting with our mother nature isn’t just a coincidence. So I asked myself, how can architecture contribute to bringing individuals closer to nature and going back to our basic needs?

Nature retreat is a small cluster of shelters implanted near the city of Olso, in Norway, where people can go whenever in need of disconnecting from the stress of the city. By getting closer to the elements of the nature and by reducing the needs to the basics, this retreat offers a direct reconnection to our roots letting the people reniew with their inner peace by appreciating nature through architecture.

A battery-charging station for humans.