Under certain conditions (listed below), it is possible to study as a guest for up 2 semesters at the Academy. The decision is made by the respective class leaders based on a submitted portfolio. You can find more information in German below or contact the Student Office for more information.


It is not permitted to take examinations or transfer credits during a guest study program (Art. 50 No. 4 BayHSchG). Visiting students generally require the same qualifications as regular students (in accordance with Art. 50 BayHSchG as amended). For guest students according to §12, it is sufficient to fill out an application form, which can be uploaded here:

and the submission of a portfolio to the respective degree program.


The fee for guest studies is currently between €100 (for participation in class meetings) and up to €300 per semester for full-time studies. The semester fee may be added to this.


There are 3 options for participating in a guest study program at the AdBK Munich:


1. those who take the €100 package may only attend class meetings, are not enrolled (the semester fee is waived) and also do not receive a pass (for the use of public transportation in the Munich transport network), there is no insurance cover here.


2. those who take the 300 Euro package may attend class meetings, seminars/workshops and workshops (only participation, no recognition of achievement) and must pay the semester fee, will be enrolled and receive the ID card, insurance cover exists.


3. individual case consideration for students of Bavarian universities: must be checked on a case-by-case basis, please consult us here (the semester fee may be waived here, otherwise the same applies as for points 1 and 2).


Applications for guest studies are not made via the application portal. For further information, please contact the Registrar's Office.