Terms of use
for the parent-child room (EKZ) at the AdBK Munich

Starting in the summer semester of 2022, a parent-child room will be made available for students and employees in the extension building of the Academy, room no. E.EG.22, for self-organized childcare to improve the compatibility of studies or work and family obligations at the university.

By entering the parent-child room (EKZ), users agree to the following usage regulations:


1. User Group
The parent-child room is available to members and students of the AdBK Munich as well as individuals designated by them (not authorized to use the room independently) from Monday to Friday during the regular opening hours of the extension building. The EKZ can also be accessed as a breastfeeding or resting room for pregnant women. A "Do Not Disturb!" sign protects the privacy of such a situation.


2. Purpose of Use
The use of the Parent-Child Room (EKZ) is available to all AdBK university members for self-organized childcare upon registration (see item 5). The EKZ is intended to enable members of the university to bring their child/children (up to 12 years of age at the most) to their place of work or study and to supervise them independently if the care provided by a third party is unexpectedly cancelled at short notice (e.g., sudden illness of the childminder) and no other care can be planned.

The use of the EKZ is free of charge.


3. Usage Rules
Users of the parent-child room are responsible for the careful treatment of furnishings and equipment. No objects may be removed from the parent-child room. The parent-child room is to be left in a neat and tidy condition and all doors are to be closed in such a way that the room is not accessible from the outside to unauthorized persons.

Children (including older children) are not permitted to be left unattended in the EKZ. If any person present agrees to supervise other users' children in addition to their own or alone, they shall be liable for the other users' children and any damage caused by them.

Any significant soiling caused during the use of the room must be reported immediately by the respective university member to the front desk/building administration.

Used diapers, wipes, and the like must be taken away; disposal in the trash can in the room is not permitted.

For other waste, a waste garbage can is provided.

Items that are subject to special hygienic requirements (e.g., eating and drinking vessels, stuffed animals, and bedding with waterproof carpet pad) are to be brought by the users of the EKZ and taken home after use. Toys, books, or similar items brought by the users may not be left behind.

The contents of the first aid kit may only be used for emergencies. Please remember that other users may also have a medical emergency. The contents should therefore be handled with care.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol in the rooms of the AdBK Munich as well as on the egress in front of the parent-child room.


4. Prohibited Use
The EKZ may not be used in case of contagious diseases (such as measles, mumps, rubella, scarlet fever, chicken pox, diphtheria, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, diarrhea, etc.). This also applies to febrile illnesses and head lice infestations. Non-compliance with these rules can lead to the closure of the center, much to the cost of all concerned. Mutual consideration and respect are thus of the utmost importance!

It is not possible to provide care in the parent-child room to bridge the full school vacations respectively the vacations of the childcare facilities. Vacation times are known in advance and can be planned accordingly.


5. Right of Access
Admission is granted upon prior registration at the Neubau reception desk. The student or employee must formally accept the regulations for the use of the parent-child room by signature. Only thereafter can the parent-child room be used.

Each parent may bring a maximum of 1 person not authorized to use the parent-child room independently. The person taken along must also have read and acknowledged in writing the rules of use beforehand.

The parent-child room may be used by a maximum of 6 persons simultaneously (university employees or individuals not authorized to use the room independently and the child/children to be cared for).


6. Occupancy and Access
The room can be occupied by advance reservation at the front desk. For this purpose, please contact us by phone (089-3851-109) or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


7. Duty of Supervision
The university members using the EKZ or individuals not authorized to use the EKZ independently are responsible for the supervision of the children in their care.

There are increased requirements for supervision outside the parent-child room, especially in corridors and sanitary facilities. Children may not be left unsupervised outside the EKZ (old and new buildings of the AdBK Munich, garden).

No accident insurance is provided for the children.


8. Liability
The provided parent-child room is a study and office space and not a child day care facility. Neither the room nor the rest of the building meet the enhanced structural and safety requirements imposed on day-care facilities for children. The special standards applicable there cannot be observed with regard to the parent-child room. By using the room, parents shall acknowledge this.

The AdBK Munich accepts no liability for objects (e.g., toys) provided in the room.

The parent-child room is used at the parents' own risk.

Culpable violations of the duty of supervision (see point Duty of Supervision) by the persons using the parent-child room may give rise to claims for damages. The supervising person (parents are liable for their children) is liable to the AdBK Munich for any damage to the equipment and objects provided that is culpably caused by a child or a supervising person. This shall also apply to damage to facilities and objects caused by a child if the supervisor has violated their duty of supervision. In the event of damage, liability on the part of the AdBK Munich shall be excluded. The AdBK München is solely liable in the case of intentional and grossly negligent violation of its public safety or due diligence obligations.


9. Data Protection
Should a PC be available, or a university-owned laptop be brought along, it must not be left for the children to play with.

All employees and students must additionally ensure that:

- children are not allowed to access documents or data on the PC/laptop or to delete, change or destroy data or documents.
- all official data and information are to be handled and, if necessary, afforded special protection such that third parties - including the children under their care - cannot view or access them or influence them in any manner whatsoever.


10 Exclusion from Use
If students or employees repeatedly violate the above rules of use, they may be excluded from using the parent-child room.


11 Exclusion from Legal Claim
There is no legal claim to the use of the parent-child room, nor to any equipment in the room. In the case of employees, the use of the parent-child room is subject to the condition that official concerns do not conflict with such use.