Klasse Ursula Rogg  |  Raum A.EG.011, Altbau  |  https://mito.quereinstiegsklasse-adbk.de

mito - hybrid being - collaborative practice on shifting perspectives- WHO am I ? - We are one Spezies ! 


The modern individual tries to find an identity between uniqueness and belonging. A personality split develops, which brings with it new phenomena such as self-doubt, loneliness, exclusion, restlessness, etc. Mass media are creating new ways of communication, but others seem to be disappearing or are no longer used. Modern problems such as depression, addiction and isolation are increasing, parallel societies are emerging that are in the same place at the same time but live in different realities that are increasingly alien to each other.We call for new methods to be created with creativity and sensitivity, which sees us as a mediator and enables exchange with sound, color, form, material, but without reference to social origin. The moment of direct perception speaks for itself and needs no further interpretation.


mito examines and documents contemporary phenomena, reflects together and creates a new world together, which is made accessible to the viewer in a room installation. A multi-perspective view of a point in time opens up previously undiscovered doors to experience a new, undreamt-of perception and to make parallel realities visible.

mito works with recycled materials from their own environment, such as derelict buildings, all kind of throwaways, the material is processed, recharged and given a new appreciation.

As the smallest group that thinks and acts collectively, we created a process-like, self-transforming installation in one room [A.EG.011] from selected materials (glass, lime, newspaper, cotton, stone, brass), in which visitors are asked to take their own position in space and to look at the same thing from different perspectives. 

In the hallway in front of the room, relics are shown in the form of material collages that were created as sketches of ideas in the planning of the room last year.


further projects: