Eröffnung Jahresausstellung 2022, Foto Stephanie Rössing

Eröffnung Jahresausstellung 2022, Foto Stephanie Rössing

Dear prospective students, dear students,

A warm welcome to the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

The Academy sees itself as an experimental laboratory, as a breeding ground for solutions beyond all convention. Structurally, it stands between the intellectual-historical heritage that it has to administer, the art market and the individual's attempt to mobilise his or her form-giving powers for a successful life.


The Munich Academy offers the following study programmes:

  • Fine Arts (diploma programme),
  • Art education (state examination),
  • Interior Architecture (Bachelor's and Master's programmes),
  • Architecture and Art (Master's programme) and
  • Fine Arts and Therapy (Master's programme)

Further information on the individual degree programmes can be found under "Course programme & course catalogue"


The study programme is organised in class groups. The Academy is home to a total of twenty-five classes led by professors, each representing an individual approach to the visual arts. These classes are complemented by twenty excellently equipped study workshops and a large library as well as seminars and lectures in art studies, philosophy and didactics. In addition, the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies offers all students of the Academy of Fine Arts interdisciplinary courses in theory and practical project work on an annually changing theme. You can find all the details about these courses and the current course catalogue under "Course programme & Course Catalogue".


Based on these three pillars - artistic criticism, craft and technical learning and historical-theoretical orientation - the programme is expanded by over sixty teaching assignments. All events - as well as the numerous guest lectures, workshops and excursions - are open to students from all disciplines. Under certain conditions, it is also possible to study as a guest student for a maximum of two semesters. Further information can be found under "Guest studies".