in alphabetical order


Prof. Carlo Baumschlager | Master Programme Architecture and Arts

Prof. Alexandra Bircken | Sculpture
Prof. Katrin Brack | Scenography and Stage Costume Design
Prof. Senta Connert | Advanced Degree Programme Visual Design and Therapy

Prof. Stephan Dillemuth | Art Education
Prof. Anke Doberauer | Painting and Graphics

Prof. Gregor Eichinger | Interior Architecture

Prof. Pia Fries | Painting
Prof. Dr. Walter Grasskamp | Chair of Art History
Prof. Carmen Greutmann-Bolzern | Prof. Urs Greutmann | Chair of Product Design
Prof. Albert Hien | Art Education
Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt | Painting and Graphics

Prof. Res Ingold | Art Education

Prof. Markus Karstieß | Lehrstuhlvertretung Nachfolge Prof. Prangenberg (N.N.) | Ceramics and Glass
Prof. Axel Kasseböhmer | Painting and Graphics

Prof. Dr. Marietta Kesting | Media Theory
Prof. Dr. Johannes Kirschenmann | Chair of Art Education | Vice President

Prof. Katja Knaus | Chair of Architectural Design and Communication
Prof. Karin Kneffel | Painting and Graphics
Prof. Peter Kogler | Graphics
Prof. Dr. Florian Matzner | Chair of Art History
Prof. Olaf Metzel | Sculpture

Prof. Dr. Maria Muhle | Chair of Philosophy
Prof. Olaf Nicolai | Sculpture

Prof. Kim Noble | Artist in Residence
Prof. Markus Oehlen | Painting and Graphics
Prof. Hermann Pitz | Sculpture | Vice President

Prof. Karen Pontoppidan | Art of Jewellery | Vice President

Prof. Florian Pumhösl | Sculpture

Prof. Dieter Rehm | Photography | President
Prof. Julian Rosefeldt | Digital and Time-based Media
Prof. Jorinde Voigt | Painting and Graphics
Prof. Matthias Wähner | Art Education