The student matriculation books of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (AdBK) seamlessly document all art students ever registered at the academy.

In April 2008, the AdBK, the Bavarian State Library and the Central Institute for Art History cooperated to publish the digitized student matriculation books for the period 1809–1920 in the Internet. In 2015, the records from the years 1920–1935 followed. In addition to the digitized records, transcriptions and additional information are being prepared to facilitate the use of these sources.


You will find further information in the publication of Birgit Jooss:


Birgit Jooss, Digitale Edition der Matrikelbücher der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Norderstedt, Books on Demand: 2010 (Schriften des Instituts für Dokumentologie und Editorik; 4)

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