New Media

Nutzung der Studienwerkstatt Neue Medien/Medienpädagogik

Die Studienwerkstatt kann ab dem 2.6 wieder genutzt werden. Wir starten mit einem Studierenden pro Tag und Raum.
Im Raum O3.01 gibt es einen Arbeitsplatz für Foto und Layout, im Raum O3.10 einen Arbeitsplatz für Video/Audio.
Vorrang haben Studierende, die Staatsexamen und Studierende die Diplom 2021 machen.
Anmeldung zum Arbeiten in der Werkstatt bitte per Email: 
für Bildbearbeitung/Layout -
für Video/Audio -
Kontakt zu den studentischen Hilfskräften

Victoria Kleinecke:

Mara Pollak:

Felix Schmid:


Wir starten auch wieder den Service für Großformatdruck. Datenabgabe Dienstags per Email, Abholung wird nach Verabredung.

Wir starten wieder den Geräte-Verleih
Rückgabe und Abholung immer Mittwochs nach Absprache mit Victoria:

Folgende Workshops werden im Sommersemester angeboten. Bitte Anmeldung über MyCampus.

Johannes Karl

Video Workflow - 2 Tage - 1SWS: 3 + 4. Juni ab 10h

Rainer Riedl

Vektoren (Affinity Designer) - 2 Tage - 1 SWS : 23 + 24 Juni ab 10h

( Affintiy Designer zur Zeit kostenlos als Trial:

Raimund Ritz

Audacity / Audio für Video - 2 Tage - 1 SWS: 7 + 8 Juli ab 10h

Doris Maximiliane Würgert

InDesign CC - 2 Tage für Einsteiger- 2 SWS: 16 + 17 Juni ab 10h

InDesign CC - 2 Tage für die Unterstützung konkreter Projekte- 2 SWS - Erster Termin: 15 Juni 10 Uhr - ab dann Einzeltermine

Iska Jehl

Digitale Bildbearbeitung Basics mit Affinity Photo - die alternative zu Photoshop - 4 x 2h - 1SWS: 23. Juni + 30. Juni + 7. Juli + 14.Juli. jeweils 10:30-12:30h

( Affintiy Photo zur Zeit kostenlos als Trial:

Diese Kurse werden ONLINE mit GoToMeeting stattfinden.
Die Teilnahme-Links und die genauen "online-Zeiten" werden rechtzeitig mitgeteilt.

Ständiges Angebot:

Hubert Sedlatschek

Wie kommt mein Video ins Internet?  - Fragen und Antworten per Email, Skype, etc. 

Bitte Kontaktaufnahme per Email:

Iska Jehl 

Digitale Bildbearbeitung, Druckvorstufe, Layout - Tutorial, Fragen und Antworten per Email, Skype, etc

Bitte Kontaktaufnahme per Email:

Volker Möllenhoff

#PostEverything - Netzkunst in Zeiten der Pandemie - Theorie und Praxis - Projekte zur digitalen Jahresausstellung

Bitte Kontaktaufnahme per Email:


Wir haben viele Tipps und Tutorials zu verschiedenen Themen wie Video, Creative Coding, digitale Bildebearbeitung, Terminal, einem Blog gesammelt.

Passwort: medien

Schaut mal rein, vielleicht findet ihr dort spannende Themen und Anregungen.

Room: E.O3.01, Akademiestr. 4


Head of the New Media Studio: Iska Jehl
Tel: +49 / 89 / 38 52 -184

Staff Member: Volker Möllenhoff
Tel: +49 / 89 / 3852-226

Consultation-Hours: on appointment


Student Staff

  • Viktoria Kleinicke
  • Mara Pollak
  • Felix Schmid


Assistent Lecturers

  • Claudia Badouin, digital pictuer editing, layout
  • Raimund Ritz, digital audio
  • Doris Würgert, layout
  • Rainer Riedl, layout and graphics
  • Johannes Karl / Martin Zobel, animation

We print with a HP Designjet Z3200 photo which delivers long-lasting gallery-quality prints in black and white and color. The printer has 12 inks. The maximum printing width is 110 cm and the maximum length is 10 m.

Posters can be printed a lot cheaper at the LRZ. The files are sent online to the LRZ, the prints can be picked up at the library of the University of Munich:





  • Printing is only available for students and staff of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.
  • We only print on paper rolls.
  • Printing on your own paper and with single sheets is not possible!
  • Please bring your files with 150-200 DPI in RGB.
  • If you have several small pictures on one printed sheet please prepare the file with the right width (for example. 110cm width). See the paperlist further down for the right width.
  • Only JPG, TIFF or PSD-files.

The printer is in room E.O2.06.



No Printservice during the Semesterbreak
Tuesday 10 a.m.-12 a.m. delivery of files. The prints will be made during the course of the day.

The person in charge: Mara Pollak,



HP premium instant dry gloss paper 260 g, paperwidth: 105 cm, price: 30,00 € per sqm
HP everyday instant dry satin paper 235 g, paperwidth: 105 cm, price: 18,00 € per sqm

TECCO pastell paper 230 g, paperwidth: 110 cm, price: 18,00 € per sqm
TECCO matt 230 g, paperwidth: 110 cm, price: 18,00 € per sqm

HP super heavyweight plus matte 200g, Rollenbreite: 105 cm, Preis: 13,00 € pro qm
HP heavyweight coated paper 130 g, paperwidth: 105 cm, price: 13,00 € per sqm
HP universal bond paper 80 g , paperwidth:105 cm, price:13,00 € per sqm

SIHL billbord paper 130 g, paperwidth: 105 cm, price: 4,60 € per sqm + 1 € per ml ink
HP artist matte canvas 390 g, paperwidth: 105 cm, price: 6,00 € per sqm + 1 € per ml ink
HP premium vivid color backlit film 285 g, paperwidth: 105 cm , price: 6,00 € per sqm + 1 € per ml ink


Rentals are eligible only for students and employees of the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Please always bring an ID and the deposit. Rentals always are on OWN RISK.

The rental takes place in room E.O3.22

Studenthelper in charge is Victoria K.


every thursday
Return: 10:00 to 12:00 am
Rental: 12:00 am to 02:00 pm
Reservations only via email: or during the official rental periods.
Rentals are only possible after attending the introduction workshop, the deposit is 50 € for cameras and 30 € for tripods / microphone / audio devices.


  • Digital SLR (Canon)
  • HDV Videocameras (Panasonic)
  • miniDV Camcorders (Sony and Panasonic)
  • audio recorders
  • external mics
  • various tripods
  • etc.

Auf unserem Blog veröffentlichen wir in unregelmäßigen Abständen Tipps, Tricks und Tutorials: Passwortgeschützt, da nur für "medien" Insider!

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Basic computer knowledge is a prerequisite for self directed work at the computers. Basics are taught in the introductory course in the beginning of each semester.





Only students who have partaken in the introductory workshop are permitted to use the studio space or rent the equipment available at New Media. An introductory workshop is held to give general knowledge of the studio. Students may register for this workshop at the beginning of each semester. Student work should be backed up onto personal hard drives, CDs, DVDs, hard drives, or internet server accounts. Hard drives at every workstation are erased regularly. For large projects, it is possible to borrow an external hard drive for the duration of the project. However, students must remember to leave enough time to apply for one beforehand.

1. General Rules

  • The workshops are for fully enrolled students at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Exceptions may be made by the workshop lecturer for guest students.
  • Teaching staff are responsible for the coordination and management of the workshops.
  • The staff must be consulted before work begins on a proposed project. In approving a project, they are agreeing to be available during the project for consultation (help or advice).
  • Any violation of New Media workshop regulations will result in limited or revoked use of the study space.


2. Obligations of Participating Students


2.1. The following must be observed in order to avoid accidents and damage to health. Please observe the following rules:

  • Follow the instructions of the people in charge of the New Media Studio
  • Anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, narcotics, or paraphernalia are prohibited at the New Media studio.
  • Students must behave in a manner that does not harm themselves or others
  • Machinery, work tools, and equipment must be checked to ensure they are in proper working condition before used. Any defects must be reported as soon as they are found to the person in charge.
  • One must make arrangements with the staff to take New Media equipment outside the workshop area before doing so.


2.2. The following will lead to having privileges immediately revoked at New Media:

  • Illegal copying of DVDs, CDs and software
  • Manipulation of operating systems and user authorisations
  • Accessing websites with illegal content
  • Using the internet for transferring illegal data (downloading hacked programs, etc.)
  • Installing unauthorised programs of any kind
  • Manipulating or deleting data of any kind


2.3. Order and Cleanliness

  • Eating, drinking, or bringing pets into the studio is not permitted
  • All students in workshops are required to maintain order and cleanliness in their workspace. When workshops are over, students must make sure to cleanup after themselves and completely clear their space.
  • Do not block or get in the way of fire-extinguishing equipment, electrical dividers, walking paths, exits, or emergency exits.


3. Occupational safety and health habits

Any unauthorised changes made to wiring is dangerous and therefore is prohibited. Any equipment that carries an electrical current must never come into contact with liquid. Laser products may not be opened (such as CD and DVD drives, and laser mouses). While working, it is important to maintain good posture and to avoid reflections from monitors. Regular breaks are crucial when sitting down for long periods of time. Eight minute breaks are ideal after sitting in front of the computer screen for hour-long sessions. Walking around increases increases oxygen flow, which improves one’s ability to concentrate.


4. Protocol in the event of an accident

  • Depending on the severity of the injury, the local emergency medical services should be called. The injured person should be brought to the nearest doctor or emergency room in the nearby hospital, or, the charge of the study workshop area first responders. Schwabing: 24 hour Hospital at Kölner Platz 1, 80804 Munich is responsible for treating students of the Academy of Fine Arts
  • All injuries, even those that do not require medical treatment, must be reported to the study workshop manager.
  • All accidents must be reported and documented by the study workshop manager to the academy’s administrative department.


5. Fire Safety Fire safety instructions must be observed.


6. Work Prohibition

  • The study workshop manager will be the one who decides when someone is banned and when someone is allowed access again to the study workshop.
  • Regarding employment restrictions, the applicable legals actions are as follows:

Former students and others:

The studio workshop is only available to students and staff of the Academy. Former students and all other people are not allowed use of the study workshops.