Ausstellung von Naama Bergman und Emi Fukuda in der AkademieGalerie

Ausstellung 23.02. - 05.03.16

Öffnungszeiten 24. - 26.02. 13:00 - 19:00 Uhr | 27.02. 13:00 - 16:00 Uhr |

28.02. - 05.03. 16:00 - 19:00 Uhr


In this exhibition, Naama Bergman and Emi Fukuda, Jewellers, present an attempt to rewrite the traditional jewellery craft making, and to provoke experimental approach to the process of creation, the process of manifestation, and the constant dialog between the making and the done. In their path, both Naama and Emi ask the fundamental question, a question which is in the bases of craftsmanship, and in the bases of creation; what is accomplished, what is a done piece and what is a presentable piece. The craftsman starts his journey from an inspiration, through raw material, manipulation and transformation, and up to a solid stop - in which, the piece is done, ready.

‏ But, at which point in time does this solid stop occurs? Does this stop declared once the craftsman is tiered? Does this stop declared once the raw material is tiered and asks to be left alone? Or, does the process of making stops at the end of a labor day? And, should the process of making ever stop? A craftsman piece, as holding its own existence, will consider the craftsman advice to freeze in time and stay still forever. But the done piece will struggle and negotiate with its own destiny to freeze in time. The piece will rust, will be bumped from falling on the floor, will be stained by finger prints, will get oxidised by inevitable oxygen in its surrounding. The craftsman’s pieces, is doomed to be part of its surrounding, atmosphere or gravity, oxygen or chemistry.
‏ The craftsman will struggle to produce the perfect piece, but life and its set of rules will dictate its effect on the craftsman’s work, through its set of realities. Both Emi and Naama embrace the after life of their created pieces, prepare and educate their pieces for the future lies ahead, pouring the unknown into their pieces, and define the point of creation as fluid in time.

‏ While Aluminium cast is meeting a silver cast, and contrast materials such as glass, enamel and paper meet Traditional jewellery making techniques, such as the high temperatures of the metal-melting stove; Emi’s Pieces provoke an internal discussion, an internal struggle between the different material elements. This struggle will carry on for the rest of the pieces cycles of existence. the Aluminium alloy will try to follow its own destiny, while the Silver alloy will try to pull them both into its own destiny. the different fundamental substances will constantly fight over their common path, allowing the piece to keep on revolving and dissolving, maintaining a constant dialog, internal one, without the presence of their creator, the craftsman. like a golf stream that will follow its path for eternal cycle.

‏ Similarly with Naama’s Pieces, those who are only born, kick off with Naama’s presence and careful guidance. Naama, as questioning the role of her self as a craftsman and as a jeweller, only establishes a set of rules for the raw material of her creations to struggle and evolve in. Materials with different destinies are blended into one piece, and forced to share common life, and future, Just like struggling roommates in a tiny students apartment. Salt is being born on top of a metal wire mesh. Sensitive material is being set next to a solid and stable one. Once the piece left Naama’s hands, it will only start its first independent life cycle, its long struggle of constant creation, dissolve ideas, and revolve around is physical state. The piece will continue to grow, one layer on top of the other, or slowly be digested into life and time.

‏ In both Emi’s and Naama’s pieces, only time will dictate where the struggle between the different substances leads to, or what will be in the piece’s next chapter of its own life. the battle of creation do not stop at the certain point, the real process of creation just begins. The act of creation, only starts, once the craftsman’s role ends. Giving birth to a struggle of existence is the fundamental objective, resolved and revolved, viewed only at its future perspective.

‏ The setting of the exhibition display, plays a similar role of manifestation of its current, yet constantly revolving state. The unknown of the road to come both in shape and material is present. Revolved in perfect radial pieces, created from endless spiral shapes, only a portion of the display’s road can be seen, as limited by the 100 square meters of the exhibition space. This rule of metal radial cut from a square plate only sets the frame and rules for its own current existence, giving it the freedom to carry on a follow, a path yet unknown.

‏ Text by M.Mosko, Munich 2016

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