Giulia Zabarella
Datum: 2021-02-11
Öffnungszeiten: rund um die Uhr von außen einsehbar
Ort: AkademieGalerie | U-Bahnhof Universität | Ausgang Akademiestraße


rooms filled with time. negative spaces. rooms filled with ticketing time. the negative space of objects. rooms filled with time to await. umbrella stands never used, empty, sitting. rooms occupied, rooms empty. have a seat, wait. nail-biting (waiting for). I wonder if that plant is fake or alive. Is the glass being filled with new water every time even though nobody drinks it? the biscuit-y smell of freshly hoovered carpets. rooms loaded with agitation, rooms packed with old thoughts. I carved his name onto the arm of the chair. it slightly wobbles. door opens –