Sculpture (Ceramics and Glass)

Prof. Nicole Wermers


Rooms: A.EG.09-12

Academic assistant

Leonhard Heinik

Raum: A.02.18b


Class room : A.EG-10

Akademiestr. 2



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The class focuses on reflecting on materials and the socio-economic conditions under which they are produced. Based on the individual artistic practice of the students, who develop it freely and independently in the class, it sets cross-semester thematic focal points including guest lectures, excursions, exhibition- and publication projects. Bi-weekly class meetings are supplemented by individual tutorials with Professor Nicole Wermers and artistic collaborator Leo Heinik.


The additional title of the class (sculpture, ceramics and glass) refers to the specific history of the class. It emerged from a class for church windows over 30 years ago. In the early 1990s, an additional emphasis on ceramics was implemented by Norbert Prangenberg's professorship. Nicole Wermers has led the class since 2017 and has expanded its focus to sculptural, spatial, and material policy issues.

You are not expected to work with or limit yourself to ceramic and glass.


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