Klasse Karen Pontoppidan  |  Raum A.EG.01

Tea Brick 

Rooted in a profound appreciation for his rich Chinese cultural heritage and shaped by cross-cultural experiences, Zhipeng's diploma show unfolds in the creation of contemporary jewelry and jewelry-based installation. Infused with elements like Chinese tea and rice, these pieces serve as a bridge between heritage and innovation.
Zhipeng's exploration begins with the narrative of Chinese tea, a commodity that has woven a tapestry of foreign trade heritage for over 1500 years. Beyond its economic significance, tea becomes a symbol of cultural influence and diplomatic connections, reflecting the deep cultural identity of China.
In a parallel narrative, Zhipeng's travels across different countries find expression in meticulously crafted brooches, each chapter of his European journey symbolized by a unique tea brick. These pieces lay the foundation for his personal cross-cultural adventure path, inviting viewers to traverse the landscapes of his experiences and memories.
Moving beyond tea, rice takes center stage in Zhipeng's creative exploration. A material deeply intertwined with Chinese culture, rice symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Zhipeng's unique perspective, arising from the post-pandemic era, the turbulence in the international landscape, and the impact of natural disasters, results in a surge in the cost of living in Europe.
This prompts a profound reevaluation of the meaning of rice in the context of current global challenges.
Using recycled Chinese rice, Zhipeng transforms discarded leftovers into contemporary "Rice bi," a textured homage to traditional jade artifacts. The juxtaposition of seemingly worthless leftover rice turned into exquisite, jade-like pieces challenges perceptions and sparks contemplation on the true value of toil and the interconnectedness of culture, homeland, nature, spirit, and life.


Zhipeng Wang's Diploma show not only captures the essence of cultural identity but also invites reflection on the delicate balance between nature and human existence.