Sidsel Meineche Hansen (b.1981, Demark) is a London based artist who produces exhibitions, seminar series and publications that foreground the body and its industrial complex, allying the pharmaceutical, porn and tech-industries. The talk will focus on the female avatar ‘EVA v3.0’, a royalty-free product sold online by TurboSquid, a company that supplies stock 3D models for computer games and adult entertainment. The EVA v3.0 avatar is the main protagonist in Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s animations and VR productions (Seroquel®, 2014; No right way 2 cum, 2015 and DICKGIRL 3D(X), 2016) - and an object in her research on post-human sex.



The workshop will focus on the participants working methodology (the way you work as an artist) and we would like to ask participants to prepare a sketch, diagram or conceptual model in advance of the workshop. The sketch has to identity a specific problem within the field of art and propose a strategy or an organisational form, that practically addresses that problem. In the workshop we will consider global capitalism as the context for artistic production and discuss how other artists have expanded their working methodology, in connection to the problems and strategies you propose.


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