Film-Screening mit Tony Conrad

MO 23.01.17 | 14:30 Uhr

Raum Auditorium im Neubau | Akademiestr. 4 | München


Talk & Workshop mit Paul Williams DI 24.01.17 | 10:00 Uhr

Raum A.02_62 im Altbau | Akademiestr. 2


Why I Burn Bridges: The necessity of independence in my art & film production
When I first met Tony Conrad in 2007 he impressed upon me the importance of my not knowing how to run the gallery I was running at the time and how not to rest on any one way of succeeding in any artistic endeavour I pursued. During his performance at our gallery on that visit, at around 48 minutes in to his 60 minute set, when the speakers were beginning to break and crackle due to his taking them to the limits of their technical capacity, an exuberance for what art can be was let loose inside me. Seriously, it was a powerful feeling. Something had cracked and broken inside. But then, all I needed to do at the very next moment was to take a piss, relieve my bladder… urinate. What happened next is one of the stories I will tell.
Paul Williams has worked with artists such as Tony Conrad, David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Crispin Hellion Glover, CS Leigh, and Stanza. Each of these relationships has resulted in either a punch up, nobody attending, enlightenment or the discovery that the doors are locked and nobody has the key. But in each case the fundamentals of a particular idea, practice, theory or future is at stake and it’s his job to make sure it all works out.