Daniel Bräg u.a.| Ausstellung
Datum: Fr | 14.10.2022
Fr | 23.12.2022
Öffnungszeiten: Mo - So | 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Ort: Parallax Art Center | 516 NW 14th Avenue | Portland | USA


Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski, Andrew Brandou, Angela Hennessy, Center for Tactical Magic, Daniel Bräg, Dennis Palazzolo, Dread Scott, Forensic Architecture, Hans Haacke, Hilma’s Ghost, Jill Magid, Joseph DeLappe, Kate Haug, Matt Kenyon, Nicholas Galanin, Packard Jennings, Paul Koudounaris, Pedro Reyes ,Public Collectors, Teresa Margolles, US Games Systems, Inc., Will Rogan ​


"Probably Just the Wind," is a collaborative project with guest curator Aaron Gach, founder of the Center for Tactical Magic. This exhibition will be a multimedia contemporary arts exhibition exploring Death, Necropolitics, and Transformation. 22 internationally acclaimed artists will take a variety of approaches to their art making. Each is an incarnation of a social haunting; a scream or a shout, a whisper or a chill, that calls attention to the many traces of death drawn throughout our lives. Each is its own flame, smoke, and glow that travels from one to another, reigniting in the shadows. Is it an illusion? A protest? An invocation? It’s Probably Just the Wind.


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