Eröffnung: Di | 21.09.2021 | 19:00 Uhr
Datum: Di | 21.09.2021
So | 10.10.2021
Öffnungszeiten: nach Vereinbarung
Ort: Æther Art Space | “Knyaz Boris I” 39 | Sofia | Bulgarien & Rosa Stern Space | Belgradstr. 76


Rosa Stern presents the first edition of GASTSPIEL: a series of reciprocal collaborations with other art spaces and art organizations, which aim to develop sustainable structures of independent exchange and self-empowerment: microstructures and cosmoses, stages and spaces, echo chambers and reference systems collide.

Our first exchange partner will be Sofia based Aether Art Space, which is run by Voin de Voin.

Chapter I.:
21.9.– 29.9.2021
Aether Art Space, “Knyaz Boris I" 39, Sofia
w/ Rosanna Marie Pondorf, Alexander Scharf, Simon Sternal, Josua Rappl, Zarah Abraham, Mathias R. Zausinger
Curated by Constanze Metzel and Kalas Liebfried


ROSA STERN and ÆTHER have equipped themselves as space and sphere players over the past years with a wide range of capabilities in rocket launch, satellite technologies, space sciences, applications and user services. For the first time in history they join forces to bring the first human creature to Venus: This is an impressive achievement!

Chapter II.:
Rosa Stern Space, Belgradstr. 76, Munich
w/ Voin de Voin, Michaela Lakota, Lola Göller, Sofia Domova
Curated by Voin de Voin