Datum: Di | 12.01.2021
Sa | 13.03.2021
Ort: Talley Dunn Gallery | Dallas, Texas


picklock manual is a solo exhibition showcasing compositionally and chromatically exquisite works by acclaimed Swiss painter Pia Fries. Fries’ seemingly spontaneous gestural paintings are, upon closer examination, prismatic collages of paint and printing techniques. Rich and vibrant striarated sweeps of impasto leave textured trails of color across the stark white surface of the paintings. Layers of varied techniques such as screen prints are superimposed over or obscured by other floating elements of line and color. Consisting of mixed media paintings from interrelated series produced at different points in the artist’s career, this exhibition offers a lush look at the artist’s continued formal concerns as well as the development of her oeuvre.  Experimenting with notions of the original, the copy, and even with painting itself, Fries’ work is a lively investigation of the dynamic possibilities of painterly intervention.


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